Pan African Global Trade and Investment Conference

The 11th Pan African Global Trade and Investment Conference will collaborate with the Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution to develop and present strategic and sustainable approaches for conflict resolution in fragile and conflict-affected countries. The conference will promote and support the use of trade, investment, and economic development for conflict resolution programs that. . . .

  • Promote and facilitate the acquisition of conflict management and resolution skills through a collaborative effort of local and credible NGO’s  
  • Promote and provide strategies for the inclusion of marginalized groups in trade, investment, and local economic development 

  • Promote the establishment and operation of peace building strategies and institutions that establish and maintain successful conflict resolution training and behavior modification programs

  • Establish regional transformation based upon modern methods of social and economic development

  • Develop trade, investment and economic development networks which can immediately be relied on to increase peace and sustainability

  • Establish of small business cooperatives that work towards the accomplishment of the regional master plans for trade, investment, and local economic development

There are 55 countries on the continent of Africa where there are opportunities in every imaginable industry sector.  They have the natural resources, we have the talent, experience, and investments to make an impact on the economy and lives of millions of continental Africans and Africans in the Diaspora. Whether it is products or services, global trading with Africa should be an option for your companies growth and expansion.

By 2050, one in every four people in the world will be African – offering up a massive consumer and business market.

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